Appropriate strategic decisions ...

... are of crucial importance for any enterprise.

Only those, who act strategically, are masters of the situation and can make their own decisions. After analysing the options for action, differentiated and proactive strategies including all relevant parameters have to be determined. In this context market development, price conditions, expense situations, behaviour of competitors – to name only a few factors – have to be taken into account. As a basis we prepare and develop trade-specific analyses, e.g.: 

  • Competition analyses
  • Market analyses
  • Make-or-buy analyses
  • Business segment analyses

Our USP is a differentiated knowledge of experimental and empirical economic research. Thus we are in the position of judging on strategies, without being forced to test them in the field, without high costs, and without high risks. Examples of such strategies are:  

  • Competition strategies
  • Marketing strategies
  • Market entry strategies
  • Pricing strategies (cf. Pricing optimisation)
  • Business segment strategies

Additionally, with implementing our strategies we are at our client’s disposal, and give support – if required – by means of pragmatic improvement approaches. Together with our clients we develop a solution, which can be accessed and fallen back to during the realisation phase, if necessary.

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