CPO - price optimisation

CPO (Consumer Price Optimisation) allows a pricing optimisation with smallest possible thresholds, aiming at regular or standard prices, respectively – in contrast to promotional prices.


The CPO - price optimisation is characterized by:
  • Insight about minor price thresholds in the consumer’s perception
  • Empirical analyses for many years, as well as a long-term experience in several retail markets
  • Exploitation of profit resources – unnoticed from the consumer’s perception –which actually result in even reduced prices
  • Slightly increased prices which maximise profits without risks
  • Sophisticated and selected consideration of competitors
  • Positively influencing the general image of prices


By means of a sophisticated ratio system we gain information about useful pricing potentials. In close co-operation and consultancy with our clients we implement these pricing potentials via our CPO method. Valuable clues on the quantitative success are offered by an integrated CPO performance measurement which can be used as a basis for our compensation. 

The CPO method is unique regarding its function, as well as its effectiveness. This method can be used profitably with almost all kinds of goods and in all competitive situations for price refining procedures.

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